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    Badrinath Temple

    Badrinath Temple is situated near the Alaknanda river in the Gadhwal Himalayas in Chamoli Garhwal at an elevation of 3133 metres above sea-level.

    It is one of the most important pilgrim centres of Uttarakhand. The holy Badrinath temple is a part of the Char dham Yatra with lakhs of pilgrims visiting the holy temple every year.

    Badrinath Temple Picture

    badrinath temple

    Badrinath Temple Description

    The temple is approximately 50 ft (15.25 mts) tall with a small cupola on top, covered with a gold gilt roof is situated on the right banks of the Ganga. The Badrinath temple is surrounded by the Nana Parvat also known as Kuber Khand or the Treasure house of the Lord of Wealth.

    The Badrinath temple is divided into three parts the Garbha, the Singha and the Mandal. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the black meditating idol of Lord Vishnu is the main idol of the temple. Just behind the idol of Lord Vishnu are the idols of Nar and Narayan , to the right is the God Kuber ( God of Wealth ) and left is the idol of Lord Narada.

    What to do at Badrinath Temple

    There are 5 kunds ( holy hot water spring ) located nearby the temple on the banks of the Alaknanda river. They are the Tapt Kund, Narada Kund, Sathyapath Kund , Trikon Kund and the Manushi Kund. You can have a holy fulfilling dip in the Manushi Kund.

    There are many more beautiful idols inside the temple some of them are the Nara & Narayana, Narasimha (the fourth incarnation of Vishnu), Lakshmi, Narada, Ganesha, Uddhava, Kubera, Garuda (the vehicle of Lord Narayan), and Navadurga.

    The Badrinath temple opens every year in the month of April - May. The aarti in the temple starts at around 6.30 am sharp till 1 pm and again starts at around 4 pm till 9 pm everyday. After the poojas sugar candy, Tulsi, and dry fruits are offered as prasad at the holy temple. The Badrinath temple is closed in the third week of November.

    Badrinath Temple Nearby Places

    The Badrinath temple and the other four badris, the Yog Dhyan Badri, Bhavishya Badri, Adi Badri and Vriddha Badri all together form the Panch Badri.

    There are a five small riverlet around the temple named the Panch Dhara. They are the Kumbha Dhara, Pralhad Dhara, Indu, Urvashi and Braghu Dhara.

    Caves such as Skandgupt gufa, Muchkund gufa, Garudshila gufa are also important place of visit while in Badrinath.

    A little ahead near the Mana village is the Ram gufa, Vyas gufa and the Ganesh gufa, legends believe that sage Ved Vyas and Lord Ganesha wrote the Mahabharata in these caves.

    Mata Murti Mandir ( temple ) the mother of Lord Vishnu is situated here near the Badrinath temple.

    Badrinath References

    Image courtesy - Vipin Negi

    Image courtesy - Badrinath Images

    Badrinath - Wikipedia

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