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Haldwani is a beautiful city in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand India. It is the third most populated city of Uttarakhand.

It is also well known for its quality educational institutes. The city is also known as the 'Gateway to Kumaun'.

Haldwani is one of the fastest growing cities in Uttarakhand. It is also an important commercial and business centre and also one of the largest vegetable, fruit and food grain markets in Kumaon.

Transportation is not a problem here. It is well connected to major cities like Delhi and Dehradun by both road and railway.

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    Haldwani Tourism

    Haldwani was initially ruled by the Mougals. Later Haldwani was granted by the emperor to Gyan Chand of Chand Dynasty. The Chand Dynasty then ruled over Haldwani and the surrounding area. Haldwani and Kumaon later fell in the hands of the Britishers who used it as a business centre and connected Nainital with Kathgodam by road in 1882. In 1883 - 84 the railway track was laid between Bareilly and Kathgodam. The first train arrived at Haldwani from Lucknow on 24 April 1884. It soon became an important winter headquaters of the British Officers of Kumaon.

    Haldwani is also surrounded by beautiful locations from all sides. Haldwani got the status of town in 1907 and today it is one of the fastest growing city in Uttarakhand and India. Haldwani is well known for its and pleasant climate and panoramic views and is visited by lots of tourist all the year round from all over the world.

    On the west of Haldwani lies the Corbett National Park, Kaladhungi. On the East lies the Bhimtal , Naukuchiya Tal. On the North lies the Sat Tal, Bhowali and Kathgodham and on the South lies Rudrapur and Pantnagar.

    Haldwani is around 260 km from Delhi and 250 kms from Dehradun. The best time to visit would be from April - June and September - October.

    Places to visit in Haldwani

    Gaula Barrage

    Gaula Barrage

    The Gaula Barrage is a popular spot among people for picnics and enjoying the scenery. A lot of families enjoying day trips together here. The barrage built on the 500kms Guala river is the lifeline of Haldwani as it supplies drinking water and also aids with irrigation to the surrounding villages. The source of the Gaula river is the Sattal ( seven lakes ). The Gaula Dam is a popular picnic spot for locals as well as tourists.

    Haida khan Ashram

    Haida khan Ashram

    The Hedakhan Ashram is around ( 33 kms ) from Haldwani. The place provides a beautiful view of the nearby surroundings. The ashram is dedicated to Haida Khan Baba a disciple of Lord Shiva. It is a quiet and beautiful place and one can go for meditation. The temple also offers some great views of snow-covered Kumaon Himalayan peaks.

    Sanjay Van

    Sanjay Van

    Sanjay Van is around ( 23 kms ) from Haldwani. It has lots of open spaces and is also a good picnic spot for the tourists. The place provides a beautiful view of the nearby surroundings. Quiet and peaceful place.

    Sitla Devi Mandir

    Sitla Devi Mandir

    The Sitla Devi Mandir is located at at Ranibagh ( 10 km ) from Haldwani. The temple dedicated to goddess Durga. You have to trek around 1 km from main road to reach the temple. The Sitla Devi Mandir is one of the oldest temple of the region and is also and ideal picnic spot. The temple is visited by a lots of locals and tourists.

    Tagore Bhavan

    Kali Chaur Temple

    The Kali Chaur Temple is dedicated to Maa Kali and is at a distance of about 10 km from Haldwani in Golapar. You have to take a trek of around 2 km from main road to reach the temple. It is a well known temple and is usually flocked by local and tourist alike. The temple provides a scenic surrounding with ample peace. Recommended..

    Tagore Bhavan

    Asht Bujha Lakshmi Temple

    The Asht Bujha Lakshmi Temple is located at a distance of 5 km from Haldwani ( Haldwani - Lalkuan Road ) situated at Gorapadow ( Gora means Britishers and padow means camp ). The Britisher army platoon used to camp here during the 19th century. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi ( The God of Wealth ). Must visit. Recommended.

    Chhoti Haldwani

    Chhoti Haldwani

    Chhoti Haldwani is a small and beautiful village around 30 kms away from Kathgodam and 28kms from Haldwani. Places to see are Corbett Museum. The small village was home of the legendary Sir Jim Corbett. Beautiful sunset and sunrise. The museum displays the life and activities and belonging of Sir Jim Corbett.

    Chhoti Haldwani

    Corbett Water Falls

    The 20 mts Corbett Water Falls lies on the way to Chhoti Haldwani, amidst dense lush teak wood forests. It is good place to picnic and very romantic. It is also one of the major tourist attraction in Haldwani.

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    Geography, Culture and People

    Haldwani town lies in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The town of Haldwani spreads over 8.2 Sq.Kms at an altitude of approx 425 metres from sea level. Haldwani is surrounded by huge mountains and the river Gaula river that passes nearby is a major source of drinking water for the area.

    The population of Haldwani district according to the 2011 census was 955,128 in which Haldwani and Kathgodam city has population of 156,078 and its urban - metropolitan population is 232,095 of which 121,409 are males and 110,686 are females. with a sex ratio of 904 female per 1000 male. The literacy rate is about 80.77 percent.

    Hindus form around 64.84 percent population of the people in Haldwani and Hindi and Kumaoni and the major languages spoken by the people. Other languages spoken in the region are Garhwali, Punjabi and English. People of all religion live together in peace and close harmony with each other.

    Almost all Hindu festivals are celebrated here in Haldwani. As it falls in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand Fuldeyi, Bikhauti, Harela, Ghee Sankranti, Khatarua, Holi Uttaraini are most celebrated throughout the region.

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