Mukteshwar - Nainital, Uttarakhand


Mukteshwar is a small beautiful hill town located 51kms from Nainital District of Uttarakhand. This small hill station is surrounded by majestic peaks and thick lush green wooded Pine, Oak and Deodar forests.

Mukteshwar is rich in natural beauty and offers a panoramic view of the Kumaon Himalayas peaks like the Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi and also the mighty peaks of Adi Nampha of the Nepal Himalayas.

This mountain town covered with dense woody forests and lots of undulate terrains also provides the visitors with some adventure sports such as rock climbing, firefox etc. Mukteshwar is also well known for pahadi allu ( potatoes ) that grow on the terrace farms and fruit orchards and is also flocked with tourist all the year around.

The beauty of Mukteshwar will spellbound you and provide with ample peace of mind, something that money cannot buy.

Come to Mukteshwar and enjoy the peace and tranquillity far away from the maddening crowd of the city in the lap of nature at its best.

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    Geography, Culture and People

    Mukteshwar is a small village lying at an altitude of around 2287 mts above sea level atop the Kumaon hills in Nainital Uttarakhand. Mukteshwar is surrounded by huge mountains peaks of Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Pancholi Group etc..

    The population of Mukteshwar district according to the 2011 census was 330,090 in which Mukteshwar town The Mukteshwar village has population of 812 of which 449 are males while 363 are females as per Population Census 2011 with a sex ratio of 808 female per 1000 male. The literacy rate is about 93.36 percent.

    Hindus form around 99 percent population of the people in Mukteshwar. Kumaoni and Hindi and the major languages spoken by the people. Other languages spoken in the region is Garhwali.

    Almost all Hindu festivals are celebrated here in Mukteshwar. Bikhauti, Harela, Ghee Sankranti, Khatarua, Holi Uttaraini are most celebrated religiously and as it falls in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand most of these festivals are celebrated following the Kumaoni culture and traditions.

    Mukteshwar Uttarakhand is a part of Kumaon tourism and receives snowfall in around the months of January and February. The best time to visit Mukteshwar would be from Jan - June and September - December.

    Mukteshwar Temple

    Mukteshwar Temple also known as Mukteshwar Dham is a 350 years old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Legends say that Lord Shiva killed a daemon king here and granted him salvation hence the place got its name Mukteshwar. Some also associate the temple with Pandavas coming here and asking Lord Shiva for salvation.

    The temple is atop the Chauli ki Jali hills and can be reached by climbing a series of stone stairs. The climb is strenuous but worth the efforts. The temple has a white marble shivling and is surrounded by idols of Goddess Parvati, Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Hanuman, Ganesh and Nandi.

    The temple provides an astonishing view of Adi Nampa of Nepal, Chaukhamba Peak of the Kumaon Himalayas and Almora. It is a must visit with your family for some religious inclination, trekking and awesome views of the Himalayas.

    Places to visit in Mukteshwar

    Chauli ki Jali

    Chauli ki Jali

    Chauli ki Jali  is a place above atop the hilltop. One can view the whole of Mukteshwar, Almora, and the majority of the majestic Kumaon snow covered peaks from here. The mountain rock also has a small hole with a rumour associated with it that if a childless woman passes in the hope of having child can have her wishes fulfilled. The views are awesome in the morning and worth spending some time. After all the splendid views are all we are here for. So enjoy. Recommended.

    Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls

    Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls

    Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls  ( Bhalu means Good in garhwali and Gaad means river ) is a small natural waterfall. One has to trek around 2 kms to reach there through a dense green forest. The trek is a good one and also brings you close to nature. The place is ideal for picnic, nature walks and probably you can get in touch with some local to find some fishing arrangements here. Good place. Recommended.


    Mukteshwar Inspection Bunglow

    Mukteshwar Inspection Bunglow location, location and location is all one can say about this place as it provides one of the best views of the region. Keep your camera handy.



    Sitla ( 7kms for Mukteshwar )  is a quite and peaceful hill station located nearby. This too is a popular tourist spot a and offers a beautiful views of the Himalayan ranges. Ideal spot for camping and bird watching.

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    Food and Shopping


    For your fooding option you have to depend on your hotels and local dhabas for food. You can also ask some local dhabawala to cook some fresh food for you. Ask him to make some Kumaoni food such as Madua ki roti, Til ki chatni and some Dal. It will be something you will cherish for a long time.

    For shopping the Kilmora shop at Sitla is a great place for hand woven and hand knitted textiles, apricot skin care products, organically grown culinary herbs, cereals and spices, and processed foods such as ghee and fruit spreads and jams and chutneys.

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