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    Dayara Bugyal

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      Dayara Bugyal is an high altitude meadow situated at an altitude of 3048 mts above sea - level. It is situated 28 kms from the holy town of Uttarkashi. It is one of the first bugyals on the Dodital route.

      Dayara Bugyal is a large flat land with large slopes of of green and open grassland.

      The bugyal is also covered with patches of dense conifer forests and different kind of wild flowers that bloom throughout the year.

      Dayara bugyal provides a breathtaking view of the Himalayan mountains, the environment is filled with romance in nature and fragrance of the forest and wild flowers in the air. There is also a small lake here.

      Dayara bugyal is also well known for the butter Holi festival. During this festival the villages throw , eat , drink and get drenched in large amounts milk and buttermilk.

      This they say is given back to the bugyals when it is time to pack up and move to their lower levels houses before the arrival of snowfall in the winters.

      Trekking to the Dayara bugyal is a famous adventure and recreation sports in Uttarkashi.

      Camping out under the stars in the wilderness of the bugyal is a heart filling experience.

      Dayara bugyal is a part of Garhwal tourism , and the local languages spoken are Gadhwali and Hindi. The best time to visit would be from April - June and September - October.

      Light woolens in summer and heavy woolens winter are advisable. The summer season extends from April to June. The winter season is from September to february. Heavy Snowfall expected from December - February

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